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Future cod weapons

here are some of the weapons i would want to return or appear in future Cod games

Assault riflesEdit

M4A1 carbine: the best gun on both MW games too me and should deffinetly appear in the next MW game

M16: classic American rifle and for some reason is yet to make an appearance in any COD games and we have been stuck with the rubbish M16A4

G36: standard issue german assault rifle. looks amazing and appears to be one of the best guns around

XM8: pretty cool gun don't know much about it but it seems popular

ACR: acurate, works well with all perks, perfect gun.


M249 SAW: they were ace guns and i want them back

MG3: remake of the german MG42 and it kicks arse

RPD: cool as thery were before.


MP5: the original one was one of my favourite guns on cod 4 and the MP5K is useless now so bring back the original.

UMP45: pretty good guns.

Sniper riflesEdit

acuracy international arctic warfare: bolt action British rifle should replace the intervention

Barret 50 .cal: blowing some more terrorists arms off with this should be fun

Dragunov: needs to reappear in the MP


Mortars: will be good for search and destroy and demolition

stinger's: i personally never leave home without one on COD so if i need to blow open a harrier i can

hand to hand: instead of just knife why not include puch, disarm and throw so you can make cool combo's

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