i'm bored with COD. i want the new fallout game and medal of honor now but i don't have the cash.

i think the reason that i'm bored is that after 5 prestiges i see no point in what i'm doing which led me to think that if an objective was given then i might enjoy it more.

take skidrow on the game mode search and destroy for example. if you gave reasoning behind why your fighting and an objective it would be well better i.e.

Rangers: the russians have been storming through America and our forces have taken heavy losses. your job rangers is to sabotage a russian supply route and stop the suppiles reaching ivan. you cannot fail, if you do...all America will fall, thousands of innocent Americans are at risk and need you now more than ever...the eyes of America and her people are on you.

Spetsanz: our strike into the heartland of America has been swift and brutal but our mission to avenge the fallen innocent has come under attack. the main point on our supply line is at risk and you are the only one's who can make sure that those mosters are held at bay. they will pay in blood for what they have done. first zakaev and then civvilians. these monsters will not stop until mother Russia is completely destroyed. i know you will not let them do that. for zakaev!!!

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