YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!! i will probably get banned for my following show of extreme violence and language so those of a gentle nature may want to fuck off.

i've just been hacked. my step brother decided to hack my account with some arsehole he's never met but he trusted the mother fucking cock licking little redneck because he had 5 stars on you tube!!! now my account won't sign in, iv'e had to delete all my data and still shit all so i've decided to kill all wannabe and have been hackers until i exact my revenge on the guy who hacked my acount. right now the fucking little dipshit is probably skipping along skidrow with my AUG HBAR KILLING SONS OF BITCHES ON MY ACCOUNT!!! he won't know how to play as well as me, my K?D will have slumped and my poor name slandered.

if anyone encounters johnnm70 on ps3 give him a message from me

enjoys your thumbs whilst you can you dirty litle bastard becuase i'm gonna jam them so far up your own arse you will have to shit out your own fingernails just to shit, i'm gonna make you suck your own vagina and then make my cat do the same just becuase i can!!! then to finish off i'm gonna carve the words johnnm70 want's his account back onto his foreskin just to remind him what i want.

ok i fell better now.

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