God fuck off teachers, you don't know me, so don't tell me I have anger problems!!!

Right I don't mean to bitch about my personal life but I need to explain a bit slightly, so dont run off crying to an admin saying i'm in breach off some stupid rule like people have done before.

Ok, those of you who read my blog about this girl who dumped me saying she never really liked me when i was mad about her and it just crippled me, well I dug a bit deeper into it and found that this fucked in the head girl likes me and told the girl I'm crazy about not to go out with me.

I was furious, I didn't care that she was a girl i wanted to kick the shit out of her, but the girl i like said that she didn't want to upset her friend* so i agreed to keep quiet

  • The mental girl don't like her she started talking to her after it went round school we like each other, so she befriened her to monitor her i guess.

So I'm pissed at school and luckily I have music, the worst lesson in the world since I constantly get kicked out for being violent and disruptive, yeah becasue threatening my friend with a glue stick is violent!

Soon as I get in I'm ten minutes late (long piss) and she has a go at me for that, I restrain myself since the girl i like is telling me to keep calm. I go sit with her, she tells me to move, i ask why she says because i distract her! fair enough i like to mess about, and as i sit down she says "so because of this groups lack of effort, many of you are going to fail" I laugh then at the wrong moment after i hit my mate with a pen in the forehead, so she looks at me then says "but then there are people like Matt who don't care if they fail, because they take that approach to everything"

I snapped

"No miss" i say " i just take this approach with you because i don't like you"

Man she was pissed, it was like watching jabba the hut on steroids, I argue with her and get thrown out of class and told to talk with my head teacher.

He's noticed that my "outbursts" are getting more frequent and that he thinks i may have slight anger issues. no I don't, i just don't like school.

He speaks to my mum and SHE BLAMES COD!!!!!!!!

Bullshit, COD does the reverse, it calms me down mostly.

So my mum might be selling COD and I have a go at her for it and she blames COD for that too!!! i can't win so i need help!!!

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