Who do you think would win in a fight to the death between MacTavish and Price? and which Captain do you think is the best?

For me it's MacTavish each time! Anyone who pulls a knife out of their chest is going to win in a deathmatch! Price would not have a chance, MacTavish is like the terminator...he just can't be stopped. Everytime someone throws something at him he just comes back stronger! A tanker blows up and he not only survives, he then shoots the video game version of Bin Laden dead! Falls off a waterfall and gets stabbed in the chest, he pulls out the knife and kills a pensioner!!!

Not only would he come in handy in a fight, He's the better all round Captain, he puts himself at great risk to save his team mates and shares a strong comradery with his men!

All in all...HE IS ONE BADASS MUDA FUCKER!!!!!!!

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