Ok stay with me on this one, I may have just solved a little or maybe big thing about Black Ops!

Ok randomly I was thinking about all the shit films I have seen lately the main one being Salt, Its all about some program the Soviets had to put sleeper agents in the US to destroy her fom the inside, all well and good perhaps a little OTT but then I was reading the trophies for black ops and one caught my eye, Rebirth, I sort of thought about it for a while and a little thought came to me, could that be where they train or brainwash soldiers to inflitrate the American goverment? I seemed a bit unbeliveable at first as that was the only evidence I had, not so.

Think back to the teaser trailer, It was in a lab, the scientist said "This should help you remember everything" Is this a reference to a mind wipe? How better to destroy the US than by inflitrating its most powerful asset, Its armed forces!

Ok so those two linked, perhaps one of the main characters like Mason, Hudson or Woods are secretly Russians but I don't see how if you were a playable character you could kill your self and Woods seems to be a Black Ops stlye Price or MacTavish so I had my doubts and then I thought well it could be someone else? So I thought who's the most likely candidate to be a badass secret Russian agent, communist supporting soldier who infiltrates the US? Ring any bells? Of course the machete wielding Rad Russian...Reznoz!

For some reason he has become an American agent, It doesn't make sense! Is he a mega mega mega less sexy version of Angelina jolie's Salt?

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