MW2 I find is a great game on the campaign and online. I find myself getting bigger and bigger K/D ratio's but thats because many people are too used to the old way of gaming, simple, easy, basic. All these pro perks, mega-bad-ass killstreaks, pro-camping attachments like heartbeat sensors and thermal and who can forget overpowered weapons have tipped the table and split players between wether or not you like the new way or you hate it. It's about 50/50 and that is a mega reason as to why MW2 dissapointed many fans and this is where I begin to worry about black ops.

Not only am I annoyed at the seemingly only American campaign (if I wanted that I'd buy medal of honor) that completely eradicates what I saw COD as, a way of celebrating the different allied parts of ww2, but Treyarch have already announced some big changes which are once again going to tip the board and become dissapointing.

Unless Treyarch geneuisly find a way to keep the old way and add new improved bits of gaming like create a class 2.0 (ace idea by the way) then they are going to find themselves under the same scrutiny as MW2.

Your thoughts please.

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