I don't know if I have angered any of you lately with my bad attitude and quite common spamming but if I have I apologize.

I got into an argument with slowrider the other day and i just thought to myself "you know what, maybe I am annoying people" so If I have I am sorry.

Things have been difficult in my own life lately to say the least and I think my mood's and depression have been leaking onto here. I have explained quite a bit about that girl lately and that has just crippled me but other shits been happening too which has been just as bad and I have been mega-depressed and sometimes so angry I just come onto here sometimes looking for a fight.

I can only really apologize but I hope my behaviour over the last month or so won't make you think I am just some mega-asshole. I am just your average guy who has had some shit happening lately.

So i am sorry and hopefully you will forgive me, If i do get a bit out of hand please just send me a message saying so and I'll stop.

Can you all remember the COD wiki moto?

No one edits alone.

No one.


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