PaPa SmUrF Pip Zombie character

Pip :)

I didn't really enjoy zombies on WAW until they brought in the characters in the last 2 map packs and I think not only was their a new story I laughed at the quotes and the stereotypical characters themselves take Richtofen for instance: He's a crazy, homocidal, evil genius, German shepered loving German! It's so sterotypical its laughable and all the characters are just the same Dempsey: Cocky, egotistical, undereducated, wise cracking American war hero! Takeo: Fanatical, emperor loving, freaking samurai Jap! Nikolai: Drunk crazy Russian!!! It hilarious! So i decided to make my own character for the missing big player in WW2-Britian! So enter Pip!


Pip born in a stately home in London he grew up to become a proper Brit- a Cocky, imperealistic Englishman with bad teeth. When war broke out her joined the Commado's and made it big with the British 1st airborne after he was captured and forced the Germans to release him after talking about cricket and singing "Rule Britiania" for 72 hours straight!

He joined the S.A.S. and fought with them in North Africa where he earnt the Victoria cross for distracting the airfield guards by using his British wit to talking the Gemran commander into a drinking competetion, The Brit being a true drinker won and broke into a fight with one of the soldiers over the football results!

He was selected for this mission for his legendary wit and capability of fighting witha gun or a brocken bottle!


" I say" after recieving a Wunderwaffe

"STAY AWAY FROM MY TEA!!!" after fending off mass zombies

" Dancing monkey haha her majesty would love it" after throwing a monkey bomb

"Thats for dunkirk you bastard!!!" after getting a headshot

"My my Dempsey did you actually shoot something that wasn't a British serviceman...Holy shit!"

"For the King!" random

"Rule Britania!" random

"Splendid, lets see the Krauts blitzkrieg this!" After pack-a-punching a weapon

"Dempsey my allied friend do you need my help" after seeing Dempsey go down

"God save the King" random

"As one we shall fight Dempsey" When left with only Dempsey

"We will call a truce for now" when left standing ith only Richtofen

"If you want you can Banzai charge them and die please do, this will be easier with just me!" when left alone with just Takeo

"Someone else can get him" When Takeo or Richtofen go down

"If he dies his booze is mine" When Nikolai goes down

"See you at the pearly gates Kraut" after knifing a zombie

"poor things...You will pay for them Doc!" when killing hellhounds

"You leave my knee's be" when shooting a crawler

"Good, I can finally afford proper dental care" --When receiving double points.

"Oh the horror" when downded

What do you think? :)

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