Who would win in a fight to the death between Sgt. Reznoz of the 3rd shock army and the 150th rifle division, or Captain MacMillan of the 22nd S.A.S.?


Rank: Sgt

Nationality: Russian

Weapon of choice: PPSH-41 or machete

Notable achievements:

survived Stalingrad (the bloodiest battle ever)

Was the spotter for Dimitri Petrenko during the assassination of general Amsel

Stormed the reichtag

Was the last person to draw blood in Europe during WW2 in one of the best endings ever seen in gaming history!

Is part of the elite SOG


Rank: Captain

Nationality: Scottish, British

Weapon of choice: the butt of his rifle

Notable achievements:

Was the spotter for leftenant Price in the assassination attempt on Zakhaev

Made gamers everywhere piss themselves laughin with his most famous moments and best words "Oi Suzy!"

Survived a helicopter landing on him!

Was part of the S.A.S. the best special forces regiment in the world

They are both pretty close but in the end i think..............................Reznoz has the edge!

Your own opinion!

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