Here is the characters i beleive are the most badass mother fuckers who do the most badass motherfuckery acts known to man. they are good and evil, have moustaches and mohawks, scottish and American, and downright badass! feel free to disagree with me but give reasons why not just "because"

here we go:

10. Captain Price (original): i like the SAS captain mainly because of his best moment to me anyway. some germans stop him on the ship and ask him for his papers or something and in true SAS style he blows there brains out! smooth!

9. Sheperd: i hate the bastard but he still managed to kick the shit out of price so he must be pretty badass.

8. Dimitri Petrenko: ok he's a ruthless killer and shows compassion still in war. He is a mega badass and ended ww2 in europe. He shot the architect of stalingrad, sometimes with a pistol, and raises the banner over the reichstag in Berlin...badass or what!

7. Ghost: He dragged roach down a Russian infested hill, fending off wave after wave of them and protecting Roach. He was rescued by the little bird and still kept trying to save Roach but all of a sudden some pensioner with a strange mouth shoots him! mother fucker!

6. Makarov: i did say the badass characters can be evil but this one is the most evil of all. Sure Hitler and Stalin has been feutured a few times but they were both insane and did what they did for "the better of there country" this guy follows no flag. he holds a grudge against the Russian goverment for kicking his Russian ass out of the Spetsnaz and joined the ultranationalists to spite them. after they lost and zakaev was killed he once again got pissed at the new Russian goverment and went on a killing spree kicking off ww3. what a nice guy.

5. Gaz: He was a good warrior to the end and when his destiny arrived he looked straight into the barrel of a gun...quite literally.

4.Reznoz: the scene at the end of CoD 5 shows a mad Russian slashing the shit out of an SS officer. It made everyone and i know everyone did this just go ""

3. Macmillan: "oi suzy!" need i say anymore

2. Captain Price: with a moustache like that you know he means buisness. Just to show how badass he is he was sent on a top secret assination mission deep behind enemy lines. only the best do that so here he is.

some say he is the only man that chuck norris fears, others say that Price didn't slide his colt to him...he used the force and made it come to him. all i know is he is the most badass CoD character and video game character ever!!!

1. John "Soap" Mactavish: he kill the Russian Osama Bin Laden and pulls a knife out of chest before launching it at a pensioners face!!! he is soooo awseome!!!!!!!!

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