Ok, well many gamers have problems with MW2 because of it's legnth, failure to live up to COD4 and it's multiplayer (still a mystery to me) but that doesn't concentrate on it's really good sides like fun gameplay, awseome missions and great story (don't kill me!) but I have found a few flaws that actually annoy me to such a point i sometimes think "Why do i bother with it..." and when your 6th prestige you can go into meltdown realising you have wasted so much time on it!

Anyway here's what annoy's me:

  1. America stops a full invasion from Russia in two days!-Bullshit!: America may be "the most powerful military force in the history of man" (even though they completely miss out China) but no way they could defeat them in 2 days! Yeah ok Price launched a nuke to detonate above the atmosphere but it would not only cripple Russian forces it would do the same to the American forces. Many argue that America's main advantage in warfare is it's tech, I disagree though no tech will create good soldiers, and you have just lost America it's one advantage. It would not work!
  2. Figure it out for yourself plot: Who is the guy in the panic room? Who's the Russian outside with the tats? Why have Makarov's men got SAM sites defending Russia when they are not actually military? Why the hell would Makarov risk his own country in a war? These question never get answered and they just leave you hanging.
  3. COMPLETELY COPIED COD4!!!: Ghost/Gaz, Ship/Oil rig, Nuke launched at America/ nuke launched at America, There are so many copied ideas!

These things really annoy me...but I still love the game. Bit of a useless blog then :)

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