I've decided to make a new clan for us lot on this wiki It's the C.W.M.C. or the Cod Wiki Marine Corp. If you want to join say so the motto will be "Till tenth prestige" and I intend to make us the most badass mother fuckers around.

We have the capability to do so, who else knows more about COD than us? From what I know we have some skilled players and I think we could be real class, however you must have over 300 edits to join!

You can give your self a role i.e. Sniper, heavy gunner, demolitions expert ect and a rank. You can not exceed Captain though!

Operatives of the C.W.M.C.:

  • Captain PaPa SmUrF: creator and acting field commander of the corp's
  • Captain the man of iron: demolitons expert and leader of the X-box regiment
  • Cpt. Riley: Designated sniper
  • Lt. Bravo Five-Nine: Stealth Operator & Ghillie Sniper.
  • Corporal My wunderwaffe iz missin: CQC specialist
  • Marine Sentinel Montes: honorary marine (Not enough edits)
  • Private Ravens wing: Support gunner
  • Sergeant Bumblebeeprime09: Rifleman and my second in command
  • Private project NYF: Sniper
  • Sergeant Knotdead yet: everything
  • Private Price25: SMG

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