Are we wanting anything new In MW3? Or anything to return?

I personally want:

  • More stealth and sniping
  • More of the hand to hand or interaction bits on the campaign like on Black ops (I.e. when you pull the pins of the NVA troopers grenades and let him explode)
  • More against the odds missions like "The Hornets Nest" and Numbers"
  • Soap and his mohawk to return!
  • HALO jumps! They need to last at least a minute
  • SAS and Rangers to return (No USMC) or maybe even the SEALs could be intresting
  • No cliffhanger ending! I hate those!
  • Original MP5, like COD 4, to return
  • NO ECONOMY SYSTEM!!! Bring back the grind!
  • Bring in global thermonuclear war like was planned for MW2
  • Strikeback into Russia!
  • To have the campaign based on the remmanants of TF141 trying to evade the worlds Special forces and trying to prove their innocence
  • Tactical Nuke to return
  • MW3 not to be the last Modern warfare game (be gutted if the best part of my favourite game series ends)
  • If IW do decide to make a cliffhanger ending then let it be a Killzone 2-esque ending where the bad guys get the upper hand

Well they are my most wnated things in MW3, do you agree?

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