number 5

capturing rojas-

seriously badass moment. you see ghosts bricking it that he is about to lose rojas and the mactavish just comes on the mic and then rojas gets owned

number 4

roach gets saved-

more mactavish magic. it is one of the best moments in gaming history. soap aces roach on clifhanger without even breaking a sweat. god soap is ace!!!

number 3

price returns-

the breach and clear bit is cool but when price strangles the guy its pretty cool but also funny when he smashes roach in the face

number 2

killing sheperd-

the bastard killed men who served his cause. he thought he'd get away with it but soap thought differently

number 1

roach dies-

the two surviving members of the task force in russia are so close to escaping. roach is injured and ghost is going to save him but then you here the bullet fire. gaming genius. you so want them to survive

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