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codename steve says i caused aides :)

there is a girl i know and have to sit with in maths who for operational reasons (and the fact she'd kill me if she found out!!!) i have called codename steve no relation to codename nikolai. ok she admits that i'm the funniest guy she's ever met but for some reason she feels i'm mean to her. i asked her why and she said "becuase you called me fat two weeks ago and i haven't eaten since then" in the most serious face immaginable!!! she then said i'm the reason for everything bad like aides and jason bieber. i mean seriously how can i be the funniest person you have ever met, which means that i must make her laugh loads, yet some how i'm a bastard. i really do not get women and must now ask you COD wiki dudes to explain women to me :)

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