I was talking to an American guy with an Aussie mate of mine who out of nowhere said "you limeys and kangaroo's really think you actually played a part in ww2" i was like "umm...let me think about that...yeah" he did it just to annoy me and my mate jack. he later said "you got the shit kicke out of you by the Germans and did shit all agains tojo" i flipped ok, i replied in a way i usually don't by saying "you godamn yankee fuck, you think you did everything don't you. you like to think you were the big dogs in ww2 but you weren't and neither was Britiain or Russia. we were all equal." i then went back to my funny side and used star wars as my metaphor "Britiain was like obi-wan kenobi, we defeated Germany (darth vader) in ww1 and he came back bigger and stronger in ww2 which meant we could not be the main force in defeating them. we then found the chosen one...luke skywalker i mean the USSR to help us out and went on fighting them but we needed another guy...han solo. America. we were a threesome that required one another to take on evil. no one had a bigger part to play. Britian united the world against hitler, America gave help, supplies, money and aid to europe in order to keep them going and russia relentlessy attacked Germany and weakened her morale so much that together we crushed evil.

now to the end of my story. this all got me thinking what do we think of each other and our nations. i like Aussie's and kiwi's even the french and germans but i don't tend to get along with Americans becuase of remarks like that, which i know is the wrong way of thinking but it pissess me off to think some lousy punk thinks he can forget all the Brave men and women who weren't American ever fought, bled and died in the blistering heat and the freezing cold so a better world could prevail.

so who else has these kind of problems?

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