i was reading bords blog about him almost wasting himself on some huge hill in America and thought what would we do exactly? would we hold a memorial for the administrator or just wonder why he wasn't online for a while? this also got me thinking that if anything did happen and god forbid (you better be listening god!) it did happen to me or bord any other editor on this wiki. this in turn also made me wonder how i will go out, will i do something heroic like rescuing someone from a fire or save a comrade in a warzone (i want to be a para) or will i just grow old and die naturally?

the thought of being old or ill upsets me even at my young age so i thought about how i would like to go out.

like i said i want to be a para in the british army and by the time i am old enough to enlist after going to university and sorting stuff out at home conflicts in the middle east will still be going on so maybe i will go their for my first tour of duty or to the falklands to protect British oil intrests from the Argentinians who think they own british turf (tell that to the Brits defending it) but i most likely see my own demise in a conflict with china. lets get one thing straight i don't like china, i'm fine with its people but the nation and the things its goverment do to them angers me to say the least.

so in this conflict most likely revolving around korea i see the chinese taking the same type of warfare as the japs in ww2 fighting to the death for one tiny bit of land. iv'e risked my life for my friends before and propably will do it again. the reds will call in an artilery strike before launching a massive infantry attack. my buddy will get caught out in the thick of it and i will run out and take out as many reds as possible before saving him and running back with him on my shoulders. i will take a few hits but struggle on saving my buddy. it would be a hero's death.

well thats my heroic way of going out in flames but i will propably die slowly in a zimmer frame. damn.

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