the Favela incident

me and my clan refer to it as the favela incident.

we were on ground war playing this ninth prestige guy who though he was better than everyone else so we decided to kick his arse. so we started the game and were on lockdown ( noob translation: all points were in the hands of the bad guys) for about a minute and by some sheer stroke of look he got a harrier, AC-130 and then a nuke. my team was pretty pissed off but i got a harrier followed by a chopper gunner and then, when i was two kills off a nuke (and there was five of them in a room that i was shooting) the connection went. WTF!!!

the other favela incident

happened today. i got 81 kills to 10 deaths and my mate got 102 kills to 23 deaths on demolition and we got beaten. we felt as you can imagine a little cheesed. favela just isn't my map. LOL

so what are your annoying expierences

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