I was playing HQ the other day on skidrow against these guys who were unbelievable campers. Three of them used heartbeats and two others were sat in corners waiting for anyone to walk past. Skidrow is one of those maps that can easily go either way no matter what your team is like because of constant CQB, the amount of corners that can't be looked round, the ambush spots and my personal favourite the very badly placed spawning points of the spetsnaz and rangersm on demolition. i got a fifteen killstreak just by providing overwatch from a spot which looks right over the spawning point!

Anyway back to my point, they were mega campers but somehow we were pretty much at a tie and were capturing this base in the laundrette, we capture this and we get the lead which will let us win and if we hold it for long eneough we've won. Three of my five man sqaud were taken down in ten seconds. Me and my mate who is unbelievably good at the game were left alive and we were thinking if we don't win this bit and get a good lead it's game over. i was using the TAR-21 with FMJ and thank god its seriously badass because my mate got killed.

Great 5 against 1. if we don't geat at least 25 seconds of holding this base they can easily win. i take five of them out and held them off unbelievably well until we came to about 190-180 to my team. still can go either way and by this point i was very pissed off. i see four all runing to destroy the base and i get very annoyed. i know my death is imminent but i turn the corner raise my gun, take aim and shoot! whils shooting i begin shouting "DIE YOU MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKERS!" and "I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!"

I though yeah maybe i had gone overboard but i'm just watching people shout and scream at people who they don't know and have you ever though just how messed up call of duty online is? you go around killing people for points to get bigger weapons to cause more pain to people and if your lucky get a nuclear bomb and rip everyone apart.

seriously does anyone know just how messed up yet totally amazing the online is?

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