Stimulus pack is shite!!! we are back to sqaure one with all the players, even the experienced ones, because they camp on the new maps and hide on the old ones! the maps themselves are retarded and show all the faults with mw2 like overpowered killstreaks and campers! it was a rip off, 5 maps, two of which i can play on if i go on CoD 4 which is the greatest game ever made if i wanted to, for 10 quid, piss off and they didn't even include crossfire which was the best map ever!!!

i find myself constantly wondering why i play this game online when cod 4 is so much better for fun and WAW for intensity. i think the only reason why i play it is for my clan. we go on and rape so many people but after a while it gets boring. i don't want to brag but i'm good, i'm a hell of a lot better than so many players but on the other CoD's i was just ok so there was a instead of a challenge i'm stuck with loads of fags calling me a camper even though i run around with marathon and cll me a modder because i know how to aim!

anyway back to my point does anyone else feel that instead of putting maps in they should be putting new game modes in like one of my ideas here:

behind enemy lines: start with the challenge to capture intel and return it to your base.

anyway does anyone else agree?

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