i met a Spanish guy who thought he was better than everone else because he was 8th prstige. this led to him being an arsehole to everyone and saying to me "i was an english arsehole that sucks spain dick". i got angry and made a few jokes about the spanish armada and then he said he was going to get a nuke to shut me up for good.

he didn't. i just happened to have stumbled along a 25 killstreak and earnt myself a nuclear war head which defeated the spanish (again) he then said i'd hacked to fourth prestige, WTF!. if i hacked why would i go to fourth prestige i may as well have gone straight to the top and be tenth and also i would be crap as i would be a noob still.

so any way here's the plan. we editors create a creed that if ever there is an asshole being an asshole that we cook up a frag grenade up that asshole aand make him feel bad.

who's in? OORAH!!

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