i'm planning on making a video of ultimate killstreaks which is a piss take of all the killstreaks. here are some of the ideas i already have

1.-5 kill streak predator missile or flying penis- i was thinking of modifying the pred to look like something else as you can probably guess and the mass-explosion will be the um...mass explosion

2.-11 killstreak gayC-130- basically its just a gay AC-130 where i will have voiceovers i the background like saying "oh no you didn't sister" before firing the big ass cannon and say stuff like "yeah take that" in a very camp voice

3-15 killstreak EMPE (erected mans penis ejaculation)- the EMP does look rather rude so i shall take advantage and draw a nob near the explosion and have the crazy spetsnaz guy going "EEEEWWWWWW SPLUGE!!!!!!!"

4-25 killstreak death for no reason?- if the host leaves as a tactical nuke comes in or a bomb blows up then the clock counting down goes and no explosion is seen so you get killed for no reason

5-50 killstreak the ultimate killstreak Chuck norris- there is a russian guy with a huge beard who looks like the chuck so i'm going to have him run around taccy knifing everyone with some killer old time music you get on warfilms where everyone is dying

ok theres what iv'e got and i need your help for more. get me a good one i'll credit you in the credits

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