I don't know how many people here actually like me and i don't really care but i'm getting very close to just leaving. all this shit about the blogging policy is annoying me for many reasons which i will list:

  1. Bord you believe the mainspace has been ignored latley...well no shit sherlock since we have pretty much run out of everything to edit about and the only way we can get edits without making stuff up or beings fags and studying maps and weapons like total keeno's is by blogging.
  2. everyone is at each others throats in blogs over random shit like jeeesus
  3. there is a lack of democracy here as we have to give out proof if we say we do something which is way out of order. your a wiki not MI5! we also don't vote on anything we just let the admins decide whats "best" for us all
  4. people contradicting what i know as fact and telling me its "fiction" don't tell me that i've spent 2 years learning about this shit and you know shit all about it but decide your an expert!
  5. we are ot aloud to ask each other about our problems. i don't know about you but i use this wiki not only for info but as a way to get help without asking people you know and may feel embarrased to ask

thers loads more but i want this blog up and running pretty soon. i really am running out of patience for this wiki and hope, get it sorted and make it so we actually have a community in which we share knowledge and socialise at the same time

this may be my final blog post so buy to any of you who may have grown to like me

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