• PainMan356

    Icepacks is quite correct to point out that not all Germans were Nazis, even if the vast majority of Germans supported some of the goals of the National Socialists. One of the more recent estimates I've read puts the highest number of Nazi Party members at 8,000,000 in 1945. The highest pre-war figure is given as 4,900,000 (1939, the last year of peace). So, even at its height, the number of Nazis--and many of these were required to join the party by virtue of the job they held such as the grandfather of one of my best friends--at 11% of adults out of a total population of over 70,000,000.

    (The views shared by the vast majority of the German people and the National Socialists include: irredentism, i.e. overturning the Treaty of Versailles, pa…

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  • PainMan356

    Weapon Review -- the P90

    February 10, 2010 by PainMan356

    So I've decided to write my own reviews of certain weapons found in the Campaign and Special Ops modules (?) of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Once I play the Multi-Player version, I'll adjust my reviews. The observations are based entirely on my own experiences in playing the game. I've been playing FPS games for more than a decade so I hope my experience is found to be valulable by other players. I welcome all polite, intelligent comments/discussion.


    My favorite carbine, it not only has a high cyclical rate of fire (900 RPM) but a huge magazine capacity for a relatively small weapon, 50 rounds. It's bullpup configuration, i.e. the clip is behind the trigger, allowing for a smaller weapon without reducing the length of the barrel. This…

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