Hi everyone, if anyone has ever played CoD WaW, or Blops, they have played the single greatest part of the Call of Duty Series, Zombies. The only problem with zombies is finding randoms, who suck most of the time. This Blog Post is dedicated to making teams of Four who will play matches. Let me know in the comments what map your interested in, this is for 360. P.S. I dont know if other people can edit this but if you can please add yourself.

Nacht Der Untoten (WaW)

Verruckt (WaW

Shi No Numa (WaW

Der Riese (WaW)

Kino Der Toten



Call of the Dead



Nacht Der Untoten (BO)

Verruckt (BO)

Shi No Numa (BO)

Der Riese (BO)

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