1. I have to constantly hear "RAMIREZ!!"
  2. Multiplayer is unbalanced
  3. One Man Army
  4. Quick Scoping
  5. No co-op mode
  6. UMP-45
  7. UMP-45 with silencer
  8. No controllable vehicles in multiplayer
  9. Boosting
  10. Tactical Nuke
  11. Riot Shields
  12. Stopping Power
  13. Shotguns as secondaries
  14. Machine Pistols as secondaries
  15. N00B Tubing
  16. Commando
  17. Tactical Knives
  18. Commando and Tactical Knives AT THE SAME TIME
  19. Small kill times
  20. All the old maps in the DLC were bad, the old zombies maps in Rezurrection were still fun to play

In my opinion, Modern Warfare 2 is the worst game ever made. In the words of FPS Russia, "I cannot stand this game, and I think many of you agree with me, It is the worst game ever made." This is incomplete, I will add to it later

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