Hey guys, I've been itching to do this for a while so here it is. Lets say that Treyarch decides to release Call of Duty Zombie disk, now how it would it be like? Well tell me any ideas you think I should add to this list here. Let us begin!


Learn how it all started... and dreadfully ended

SURVIVAL: Wave or Timed( They keep spawning and your scored for time)

Solo- Go at it alone and survive for as long as you can

Online(Xbox Live, PSNetwork, etc.)- Have the help of online pals to drop the undead faster and more safer(only 1 online guest allowed)

System Link- Connect more than one system to take on the undead hoard (2 accounts/1 guest per console)

Splitscreen- Offline up to 4 people cooperately survive the undead


Title- Choose between from many many earned titles to show who you are

Emblem- Choose between unlocked emblems etc.

Character model- Choose between Dempsey and many others to reperesent you online

Equipment- Add personal touches to your characters to distinguish from you and others

Pistol- Won't make your beginning M1911 any stonger or weaker but it won't hurt to make it look badass before you trade it in for something better

Grenade- Won't be any stonger or weaker but hey at least you get blow up those freakbags with style.

Quotes- toggle if you want your character remarking whats going on(rare, uncommon, common)

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