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    I'm not going to write any fancy introductions this time, just straight information. While most of this seems common knowledge, I've gotten messages on PSN asking me how to level up quickly, or how to get to -Insert Round Here- in the Survival Mode of MW3. Yes, it doesn't explain itself. However, I'm a nice guy; I don't tell people to "lrn2play" or act like an asshat because I think I'm better than everyone else. So, here we go.

    How to Save Money (Because banks are tools of the government to steal more of your money)

    Saving money is important if you want to advance beyond Wave 10. For example, as fun as it may be to spend all my money on a Custom ACR as soon as I can, it's smarter to use the enemy weapons. For example, pick up the MP5 when i…

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    The Case for LMG's

    January 11, 2012 by Panzer II

    I'm sure we all remember Lightweight. Such a nice perk, if you wanted to be a colossal asshole and run around with a silenced USP .45 TacKnife. What Lightweight was good for, besides being a dick, however, was using LMG's. Instead of walking at a snails' pace, hoping you aren't shot by someone zipping around the map, you'll be walking at a more comfortable speed. By walking, I of course mean sprinting. LMG's should slow you down, yes. Even in an arcade style game like Call of Duty, lugging around an LMG will make you much less speedy. Hell, they're not made to run and gun. An LMG is a support weapon, right? Well, not anymore. With the advent of Modern Warfare 3, we no longer have access to Lightweight. The closest possible perk to Lightwei…

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