I'm not going to write any fancy introductions this time, just straight information. While most of this seems common knowledge, I've gotten messages on PSN asking me how to level up quickly, or how to get to -Insert Round Here- in the Survival Mode of MW3. Yes, it doesn't explain itself. However, I'm a nice guy; I don't tell people to "lrn2play" or act like an asshat because I think I'm better than everyone else. So, here we go.

How to Save Money (Because banks are tools of the government to steal more of your money)

Saving money is important if you want to advance beyond Wave 10. For example, as fun as it may be to spend all my money on a Custom ACR as soon as I can, it's smarter to use the enemy weapons. For example, pick up the MP5 when it's dropped in the early rounds. Use this until enemies switch to AK's. Use the AK's until they switch to ACR's, and use the ACR's until they switch to FADs. If you intend to get as far as you can, you'll most likely see ACR's, and therefore, you'll have spent upwards of $3000 dollars for something you can get for free later. Do not buy weapons, other than an LMG. It's a waste of cash, and I know how we all hate wasting cash. For your LMG's, you'll most likely have saved up enough, assuming you bought nothing, by the first Juggernaut round. This is ideal. Depending on preference, a Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight can help greatly, as most LMGs have bulky iron sights that could cost you your life. A Grip is also a wise idea so you can maintain accuracy against incoming enemies. Use this LMG sparingly, seeing as your main weapon (the one you scavenged from an enemy) will have theoretically infinite ammo to be picked up from corpses. Ammo may only cost $750, but you want to make sure you don't waste a single cent. Beyond this, Air Support is important in your survival. Use Predator missiles when dealing with two or more Juggernauts, and try to always have Delta Squad backup from Wave 15 and on. Don't bother buying Body Armor, it won't help when you have a whole mob of pissed off Russians circling you. Buy Flash Grenades whenever you run out, ignoring other Grenades. This isn't Multiplayer, you won't have to chuck a grenade into a window to flush someone out. The enemies will come to you. Claymores and C4 are best used by two people, one to continually plant Claymores and C4 around your stronghold, and one to focus on buying Air Support and weapons. Since this guide is written with Solo play in mind, ignore C4 if you're low on cash, and only buy Claymores if the building you're hiding in has more than two entrances (It shouldn't. More than two entrances, especially one out of your sight, is an unsuitable hideout) seeing as Claymores do relatively minor damage to the more powerful enemies. They are best used as a warning device, or a gigantic Juggernaut trap when combined with loads of C4.

Hiding isn't just for punks and Search and Destroy anymore

Hope you bought that LMG. If you didn't, prepare to get royally screwed the first time you come up against a helo AND a Juggernaut. The formula is this; Lure the Juggernaut indoors, stun him with a flashbang, unload the LMG into his head and chest until you have to reload. Using an LMG, you shouldn't have to reload unless you missed, and seeing as Juggernauts are large targets, you shouldn't be missing. If you have to venture outside, try to keep tall buldings between you and the helo. Avoiding getting hit even once is important. Once you get hit by that first round, you're, as Yipes would say, SO PRINGLES. WHERE YO CURLEH MUSTACHE AT? MAG-FUCKIN'-NEATO. That aside, an LMG shouldn't need to be reloaded whilst fighting the Juggernaut, thus giving you absolutely no reason to leave your safety building. Do not leave this building while there is a helo in the air. If you're running out of ammo, which will be a very rare occurence, concentrate on the helo. You can outrun a Juggernaut, but you cannot escape from the helicopter. Once the helicopter is down, run to the Weapons Armory and buy more ammo. The only thing more dangerous than a Juggernaut is a helicopter. In this mode, hiding is your friend, and it is nearly, if not completely, impossible to stand out in the open and make it any further than round ten.

Dr. Strangewave (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Juggernaut)

Every fifth round, you'll be faced with either a Juggernaut, a helicopter, a combination of both, or two of either a Jugg or Helo. Riot Shield Juggernauts are absolute chumps, and I'll tell you why; They aren't as aggressive as the regular Juggernauts, pursue you slower, and can be easily killed by circling them repeatedly. That's right, the key to defeating a Riot Shield Juggernaut is running in circles closely around him. He'll constantly adjust his shield and raise his weapon, but shouldn't even get out of his crouching position even after his shield is dropped, if done right. This makes the Riot Shield Juggernauts a complete joke, and as long as you can take out the helicopters and normal Juggernauts helping him, shouldn't be a problem. In fact, it's probably better to save him for last and use his slow speed and generally mild trigger finger to stock up on Predators, ammo, or Delta Squad members.

Generally, I'll update this as I experience situations in Survival Mode and beyond. Please remember this is not meant to be a visual spectacle, and isn't meant to convey that I'm the best at Survival or anything like that. I'd just like to give newer people the chance to look before they leap, and maybe make Survival/Mission games more enjoyable for people who play better. We've all been stuck with that one guy that doesn't know what he's doing. With this, I hope to lower the number of "those guys".


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