Recently Richtoften said in England, you can join the militarry at 16, yet must be 17 to play Call of Duty. Wow, I can kill someone in real life, yet I can't kill a fake person? Whats next? Making rapes legal in real life and making rapes illegal in video games? Someone can drive at 16, have sex at 16, yet must be 17 to play GTA IV? Does anyone else see the problem? Plus making games at age 17, by then you have a job and gaming is not needed. Who else thinks there should be a rating in between 13 and 17, maybe 15, as I'm quite suprised myself that MW2 was an M game, as I actully thought it might have had a chance to get a lower rating, at 14 I would find it fine, but damn scared congress level made it all go up. I mean if Harrison Ford cna fix PG-R and make a PG-13, I'm sure some people could make a 15 rating as four years is a very long time? If anyone says multiplayer is bad because you hear words, ever see this ERSB Notice: Gaming experince may change with online play? Plus there's a mute button, when my younger family comes to play I just mute everyone in the match, simple and easy. Who else would go for different version, for younger gamers there would be a T vesion with no external gore, less swearing and maybe two minutes of contreversial footage is cut off, and an M-uncut version. They do it with movies all the time! Peter Griffen BoyRadio Operator

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