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Damn it Yahoo!

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Can't Yahoo News do anything right? They said, do not let childeran get money. Make them work in a part-time job at a very young age to help them learn.

Wanna know how I learned about money? I played LIFE with my faimily and every now and then my Dad and my Mom would randomly take a thousand or so and say "You got robbed at gunpoint" or "You killed a man who harrased your wife, you must pay bail" and other crazy stuff. Finally once I retired, if I didn't have over a million dollars all my money was lost because "Life is full of let downs. Get used to it!". If I failed to do well enough to become a decent family I was beaten.

I've never been in serious debt, never have I had to sell my house for an apartment for money, I worked on each level, slow and easy, and here I am now.

Yahoo News can suck James Rolfe's ass,

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