Okay this is a game so play by the rules. I'm going to start with a story, the first person continues it from where I left off and so on. When it feels right I (and only I) will make the ending. If a comment gets hidden (like "This can't happen! It's unrealistic!") it will be hidden and continue from where the last comment left off. If you have any complains or compliments take it to my talk page. Please don't put something stupid like "It turns out Makorav was with Soap and Price all along! He gives them weapons and ammo, as they go to take down Shadow Company as a team!" If this does turn into something where Makorav does work with Soap, it would be because they want SC down, not because they're friends, and once SC is down, Makorav would go back to fighting Soap. Okay, then I'll start.

Eight months General Richard Shepherd revealed his plan to take revenge on Britain and Russia for the death of his loyal soildiers, about six years ago. He killed Gary Sanderson and Simon Reily, two people who followed Task Force 141, an American and British founded group of elite troops from all over the world who wanted the Soviet Union to stay in the bloody history book of Earth. However, there is always someone who will hate this best idea and who will love the worst idea. This man was Imran Zakaev, but his soul too is in our history book of blood. However, his closest student Vlad Makorav was not killed. He took the final step to bring Russia to it's death and revive the Soviet Union. Now it may seem the world, after seeing what problems and harships the Cold War caused in once again history of blood, would invade the Soviet Union and remove Makorav from the world. Thanks to Shepherd, the world is focousing on to killing two men, who are the only true heroes still left alive. They're names are Captain John Price and Captain Mactavish. If it wasn't for a once Soviet pilot named Nickolai, they would be dead. It seems the in the world, Soviets matter not, the Spetsnaz matter not, the terrorisim in the world matters not, these two framed heroes are all that matter. Wanted in every country, by every government, by every law officer, by every soul in the world. (Naration performed by Tom Hanks)

Mission 1 Day 1  S.D.F.B   1200 hours Remote Location in Northern Iraq.

Captain Price: Everything is not what it seems.

Soap: You're right. These Yanks are not what they were in Russia

Captain Price: They're not a bunch o' Sheppy avengers. We can't smoke 'em.

Soap: Can't say so Price. We do have an American contact.

Captain Price: Says his name is James Ramirez. He's a yank Soap. Can we trust him?

Soap: We have no one else to get these yanks off our arse.

Captain Price: Fine then, I'll give James here a little call.


James (who you control as) calls of the search party, as Foley tells them they need to do better, and so James trains them (like Foley did to Allen)

Foley calls you over, noticng you've been acting strangely. After questioning you, he find that you've been helping Task Force 141. Foley just says that he to never trusted Shepherd like so many others. You two walking away, find Soap and Price and plan you're escape.

You don't have to include breifing or any crap like that, though taking some time would be good. Try to make your own mission and go on.

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