Note, these are not real, these are ideas that I would like to see in the game.

Misson 1- Dont Shoot, Just Watch Corporal Davis

In ghille suits, Corporal James Davis (the charachter) and Sergent Andrew Richardson, armed with scoped Springfields go prone outside of a bunker, where they can see a group of Americans being beaten down by Viet Cong troops. Richardson urges you to hold your fire, as one shot and you'll be in the prisoners shoes. Shortly, the entire squad is killed as Richard orders you to move to another angle. You do so, and then you see two Viet Cong members turned away from you. If you go near them, a cutscene will play where Richard quickly slits one of their throats, and grabs the other and starts shoving his knife in and out of his chest, covering his mouth. Here you can trade out your .45 for an AK-47. You continue, until you get a radio call from Captain Miller (the same Miller from WAW) and he orders you to get to the camp as General Gordon (Major Gordon from WAW) has just been found by another scout group. They to will help you clear the base.

MIssion 2- FUCKERS! Corporal Davis

Quickly sneaking in, you must use stealth to free prisoners, or go loud and have a bigger fight. Eithier way Richard tells you where the prisoners are, but most of them have been killed or will die soon due to malnurishment and other similar ways of torture. After clearing most of the Viet Cong and saving all the prisoners you can, you find that Gordon is not with them. However, Richard finds a trapdoor leading deeper into the base. Getting deeper, they find a door, where Richard claims that Gordon must be behind. You bust it down, to find Gordon about to get his throat slit, it turns to slow motion, where you must kill the executor, or else the mission is failed. Once you do, Gordon thinks you and says that he'll make sure you get a promation for this.

Mission 3- Protect, Promise, Promate Corproal Davis

The Viet Cong are not happy with your slaughter of their prison. Knowing that General Gordon is one of the most important Marine Generals, Davis and Richardson use Springfields to snipe the Viet Cong counter attack, but when more and more start coming in, you must fall back and wait for Captain Miller's squad to come and provide support. Running back to base, a group of banzai chargers attack, but Davis and Richardson fight them off, as the Viet Cong is catching up. They find an abandoned North ammo shed, and switch their rifles for AK-47s and get some grenades. Now better prepared they continue to retreat back to base, wherethey can hold off, but before they can a Viet Cong in a ghille suit stabs Richard through the heart, killing him instantly, but fails in killing Davis. Soon Davis back to base where they fight until Miller's squad exterminates every single Viet Cong, as Davis is promated to Sergeant and is moved to Miller's squad.

Mission 4- Gooks+Guns=Trouble Sergeant Davis

The South have tried to clear a large forest where the North have been killing off American supply lines, dramasticly hurting the war efforts. Every member of the South has been killed, except for the only true soildier of the squad, Captain Huyn.

It starts off with Miller talking to an Australian squad, as they'll both work together, with Miller leading. Davis and another troop are arguing over who get's what gun, a Thompson or a BAR. However enemy sniper fire kills the other troop, so Davis picks what one he wants as they all run for cover. Miller quickly takes out and orders to push through and to kill anyone who is "from this godforsaken country". Running through the forest and taking out several ambushes, they find a stairway that leads to a small prison, where Miller's and the Australian squad take on the gross amount of Viet Congs inside and then get tot he end, where they find Huyn, naked with burn and cuts all over his body, with a iron pipe that is still warm and a bloody whip are all found next to his corpse

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