Note: I'm going to start making blogs titled "My Opinion:x" and write an arguement about certain topics I've seen.

Many people have said that the EMP should last the whole game, as it is only useful if there is a nuke booster just about to do the Big Cheese on you or if there's multiple enemy air support about to attack. However I must say that would be completely unfair at just fifteen kills. Imagaine the game mode Sabatoge, as it lasts twenty minutes, getting that EMP within the first few minutes or even at struggle points could completely change the tide, and one side would be completely at a disadvantage and would NEVER be able to come back unless there is pro team work going on, and even IF that did it happen it would be nearly impossible, with many attachments failing. However sixty seconds is not nothing to sweat about, at sixty seconds, geez maybe a SEVEN or SIX at most. To make it more lethal, maybe it lasts three or four minutes to give you some time to work. But however if it did work forever, it would more realistic for it to effect EVERYONE frendly or hostile you're just been EMP'd. However, if I did last forever, the killstreak "Anti-EMP" would restore your electronics back to normal.

Please comment and discuss the situation below. Sergeant InsigniaPeter Griffen BoyRadio Operator

@Dempsey141- That would require Infinity Ward to completely re-do their enginge and that could take months to do, however it would have been good if that was added.

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