Disclaimer: This post is by someone who has served in the military before. I know shooting two shotguns at once will rip your hands off before you blow someone's body apart. I know shooting a Barret .50 Cal from te hip over and over again will dislocate your arm. I know that if you aim down a little to hard with the Luger, your eye will be blind. I also know riot shields are unrealistc.

Okay someone with a riot shld goes up to me, and with a .50 Cal bullet, it just reflects it like a tickle and kills me. If a officer was going to take down an enemy sniper, the last thing would be a riot shield, that bullet would go through it like a hot knife on butter, during July, over a campfire, on the sun, inside a giant microwave and someone breathing on it. The person would be dead instantly, never would that rs stand a chance.

Now again onto the overpowerd M1887. Currently, no official military and stuff of that nature, use a Winchester Model 1887, and all major marketing of it stopped in 1920, so eithier Soap and Roach stole a bunch of 87's or they put in here to be the MP-40 of MW2. Plus, the gun would be no match to today's AA-12 and SPAS-12 shotguns. Plus speaking of the ammunition it uses, to modern time periods, could be very hard to come up with in today. If you used todays ammunition, without very careful work, you would have a frag.

Now to campers, geez I am just getting annoyed. They rack up kills, because they have good map skills, but not good gaming skills. I could camp, just get me a Striker, Grip and RDS and Stopping Power and I could win a game so fast it would knock your feet off, along with your socks. Now if you've read this far, include something about bats in your post. They should have if you don't move for thirty seconds, you get a warning, if you don't move for a minute, you're out of the game. If you're found having a serious obsesstion with camping, you may get banned for a time or deducted a rank or so, one per major offense.

Now finally, let me say the last minute suggestion is from my brother, he doesn't have an account and doesn't feel like making one.

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