Here's a little story I've been working on.

Prolouge: Welcoming with Lead

"Damn it! I need fire on those machine guns now! I don't give a shit if you're men aren't on duty! We need fire now! Fuck you!" Our Sergeant screamed as he got off the radio, after clearly been denied missile streaks. Our situation was clear, take out this little island, filled with thousands of Japs. It was first day on the job, a simple Grease Gun and three magazines of ammuniton, all I had with me. We were all crawling through a thick brick wall, with rounds being pumped on our heads from twenty-four seven. Only a few days on this beach and we're losing men like hell. If you were lucky, you might be able to fire three shots off, all of them missing even the simplest of troops. Banzai charges only made things worse. Our wall taking heat and several layers had been shot completely through. I now understand what Captain Richard said about my "Welcoming with lead." right before a Type 99 got a clean headshot.

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