Okay here's mine, it depends on weather or not you saved Roebuck or Polonsky.

If you haven't played WAW it will start off with Miller saying "When the world was at war, I made a choice..." and you'll be armed with an Thompson and you'll have to pick what one to save.

It starts off with Viet Cong leading a you and anothero American to chairs as, you're tied down and beaten into the seats. You see the other American being questioned, as he is frequently beaten with a bamboo cane. When told if he can give them simple information and pledge hatred to America they will let him go, he says "No way in hell motherfucker." and a sword is drivin through his heart as he screams in pain, they turn to you but he falls down, as his head has a red hole in it. An asian man comes over and cuts you loose and says he's part of the Anti-Commy forces, and hands you a Mosin-Nagant. You quickly kill the guards of the base and free some Americans, the last one you do, depending on your choice in World at War, is eithier Lieutenant Polonsky or Colonel Roebuck, as American reinforcements arrive.

The next mission starts of with eithier General Marshall (Marshall from WAW) or Colonel Roebuck, giving you orders, saying that the North has decided to raid one of you're bases and most of the Americans have been killed, time for revenge on the Vietamease. You raid a forest where the Vietamease as hiding at, but are quickly cut down, as only Miller (and Polonsky) are left and most battle your way of out trouble with a Thompson and M1911.

Thats all I got right now. I was thinking of near the end Captain Miller is woken up, and founds hundreds of bodies scrawled across the floor, as Army troops are slaughtering innocents. Holding a gun at them and ordering them to stop the massacre, Miller is shot and killed, as he along with hundreds, are killed in My Lai.

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