• PhantBat

    When Call of Duty 4, came out in 2007 the world was stunned. No more so than Treyarch. With no recourse they made Call of Duty: World at War, because they had no idea what IW was making until it was released. Now things have changed. Treyarch has had time since the end of 2008 to ponder it's next game, and the idea will be a great one. Since they can't tread into the turf IW has, why not have gamers get to there. This is why the next Call of Duty will be a bridge game, taking us from World War II almost to the time of Call of Duty 4. At first we heard the next game would be in vietnam, that may still be true but it seems that Treyarch is going further by having the player fight the Cold War. Like their rival's last two games the main chara…

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  • PhantBat

    The Future of the Franchise

    November 10, 2009 by PhantBat

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one the most awesome games in the series. It is no surprise then that IW will publish more games. Of Course Treyarch, will also release more games in the series as well. Here are a few things which I think are going to happen.

    If you thought CoD4 was open ended, the new game overtakes the first in that reguard. By the end of the game, we have:

    The US recovering from a Russian attack, the war is not over yet.

    Price, Soap, and Nikolai are on the run as international outlaws.

    Makarov is still at large.

    These three open ended issues, Make room for a sequel, in fact I think this was "all part of the plan" by IW, to create a game trilogy to compete with HALO. The next game will continue where this one leaves off, exp…

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  • PhantBat

    Unregistered User Anger

    October 29, 2009 by PhantBat

    You know its very annoying these past few days, as a veteran wiki editor to see so much flooding of vandalism. I feared this as we got closer to 11/10/09. But now with all the vandalism and "New"articles, its driving me crazy. I know one or two that created articles that were supposed to be user pages, and that is forgivable. It's an understandable mistake. But really a freaking article named, Please, help me to find the best dating sites. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!. This a place for good legitimate articles on the Call of Duty series and you put that up there!.

    It's frustrating for us wiki vets to see such annoying trash articles posted, and we have delete them and go through almost every single article that's not protected to see if its scre…

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