Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one the most awesome games in the series. It is no surprise then that IW will publish more games. Of Course Treyarch, will also release more games in the series as well. Here are a few things which I think are going to happen.

Modern Warfare 3

If you thought CoD4 was open ended, the new game overtakes the first in that reguard. By the end of the game, we have:

The US recovering from a Russian attack, the war is not over yet.

Price, Soap, and Nikolai are on the run as international outlaws.

Makarov is still at large.

These three open ended issues, Make room for a sequel, in fact I think this was "all part of the plan" by IW, to create a game trilogy to compete with HALO. The next game will continue where this one leaves off, explaining how the US fights back, how Soap and Price become vindicated, and if Makarov gets killed. With so many unanswered questions left, I think both IW and CoD fans want them answered.

Treyarch's Next Game Will Be in WWII

Recently the next game, CoD7, was annonuced. Unless Activision has changed things, Treyarch is making the next installment. Fans wonder what we will the next non IW game bet set in. Some fans want it to be in Vietnam, I personally am interested in a WWI game myself. Personally I think Treyarch is going to return to WWII, because I think they want to use the stuff from World at War to the Western Front, maybe Italy as well. I think we are seeing the beginning of two separate sub-franchises within a bigger "Mother Franchise". Perhaps have Americans fight in France, and the Brits in Italy. I hope they decide on making a game about a different conflict.

Suggestion List to IW

CoD MW2 is an awesome game which will certainly spawn a direct sqeuel. There are few suggestions to IW that I could suggeest to have in the campaign of the next game.

More Female Characters

There have been few female characters in the Call of Duty Franchise, Tanya Pavelona, Deadly Pelayo, Isabelle DuFontaine. Since IW is setting a game in the 21st Century, and not in WWII I would be interesting to see more active female characters in a new game, either as playable or nonplayable. It would certainly show the makeup of armies in the 21st Century, as well as add a new depth and interest to the game and its characters.

New Factions

Even though IW has left the three speific character viewpoint model in earlier games, it still has a two groups campaign (Marines and SAS in CoD MW, and Rangers and TF 141 in CoD MW2). I think it would be awesome to showcase other international special forces in the next game, particularly the KSK, German Special Forces. If another game is set with the war of MW2 still going on I could see three campaigns, the Rangers mopping up the Russians in the US, Price and Soap hunting and killing Makarov, and NATO launching a counteroffensive into Russia. Perhaps IW could make the Germans lead that operation. It would be interesting and ironic to have the germans be the good guys for once.

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