You know its very annoying these past few days, as a veteran wiki editor to see so much flooding of vandalism. I feared this as we got closer to 11/10/09. But now with all the vandalism and "New"articles, its driving me crazy. I know one or two that created articles that were supposed to be user pages, and that is forgivable. It's an understandable mistake. But really a freaking article named, Please, help me to find the best dating sites. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!. This a place for good legitimate articles on the Call of Duty series and you put that up there!.

It's frustrating for us wiki vets to see such annoying trash articles posted, and we have delete them and go through almost every single article that's not protected to see if its screwed up as well. This should be an awesome time for Call of Duty fans here and on the Wiki as a new game comes out, but instead we have to play "Wiki police" track down all the insane vandalism that should have not been there in the first place.

I hope the rest of you vets out there is a vigilante and as annoyed as I am at this!

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