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    Hello Wikians, CoD Wikians, or just plain anons.

    I've noticed (and I'm sure all of you have) that it has been a slow past couple of news weeks, as well as a reduction of people in the chat. And it's actually kinda relatively quiet without ya'll sparking up some controversy. (Not this kind, of course.) But anyway, to get things back on track, here are a series of questions I've come up with.

    1. #Whydopeopleusehashtagsinfrontofphrasenowadays?

    2. Is this blog post lightening up everyone's mood?

    3. Are you happy with throwing knives in public infected matches?

    4. Your philosophy on infected glitching

    5. Your philosphy on xbox getting mappacks first

    6. And finally, if you're excited for Blops2, express it here and why you are excited for it.

    Thanks for…

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