• Phen0meenal

    This is my opinion on what perks, killstreaks, and weapons i would like to see in mw3. The maximum level and prestige would be 60 and prestige 10. Let's start off with weapons.Oh, and it would be really good if there wasn't any codpoints or currency at all, so i will a number telling what level this weapon or perk is unlocked at. A killstreak is unlocked each three levels. You get to choose which killstreak you want. Like in MW2.

    FAMAS: Burst-Fire, High Damage (Level 1)

    M4 Carbine: Full-Auto, Medium Damage, Low Recoil (Level 4)

    FN F2000: Full-Auto, High damage, very high recoil. (level 10)

    Bushmaster ACR: Full-Auto, Low Damage, Low recoil. (level 17)

    AK-47: Full-Auto, Medium-High Damage (level 21)

    FN FAL: Semi-Auto, High Damage (Level 24)

    G36C: F…

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