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  • Phillycj

    In another round of answering questions on his Twitter, Robert Bowling confirmed one of the rumors at the back of every hardcore fan's head; there is to be no MW3 prestige edition. For those new to the franchise, this is the first Call of Duty game since World at War to not have a prestige edition.

    The Hardened Edition is to be the closest to a prestige edition that will be available for purchase

    Among other things, Bowling confirmed a number of other things including equipment behaviour and confirmation that the emblem editor is not to make a return in MW3.

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  • Phillycj


    December 4, 2010 by Phillycj

    DLC has already been confirmed. This will be great news to the people who bought the Standard Edition as it will contain all 4 original zombie maps, all for the price of 800 MS points!

    This info was leaked by Gamestop employees to people asking about the Hardened Edition and its beinifits.

    It is unconfirmed when it will be released.

    I'm sorry I couldn't get this information earlier, I was very busy. THIS INFO WAS RELEASED ON LAUNCH!

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  • Phillycj


    Please read if you do not care about spoilers and want to know more.

    As you can tell,Black Ops is hours away from midnight release. The return of zombie mode has not been a surprise to any of us.


    The Zombie plot follows two different settings on release:

    Plot no.1 follows the group of four returning from WaW as they fight zombies. The German, Richtofen, the Russian Nikolai, the Japanese, Takeo and the American, Tank Dempsey. the plot will continue from WaW such as various references to group 935. They fight off zombies in a map called Noko der Toten. You are still able to get all the old guns from the Hardened Edition maps including the likes of the MP40, Thompson and Ray Gun. It is unknown if you can get these gu…

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