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    5 Months later after the shotgun blog was made and finally we have the LMG blog. So here we go I guess.

    I don't really remember any of the LMGs from CoD4, probably because none of them were really anything special. I'm only putting the M249 SAW as the best because not only can you use it normally but there's mounted SAWs you can use on certain maps.

    Really only putting the M60E4 because not only does barely anyone remember it but it has the longest reload time of all the LMGs in CoD4.

    The MG-42 from World at War is probably my second favorite LMG from any call of duty. The MG-42 looks badass, sounds cool and is probably the best weapon in WAW Zombies besides the PPSH and Ray Gun.

    The BAR isn't even really a bad LMG but out of all the LMGs in W…

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  • Pigpen077

    MW3's GIGN Spawn Theme

    Ah Call of Duty, such a great game series with amazing games like CoD4, MW2, BO2, WAW, AW, etc (wot WHERE'S BLACK OPS??) Anyways (Answer the fucking question Pigpen) every major video game has its share of obscure games. Don't believe me?

    Assassin's Creed: Discovery and Altair's Chronicles

    Far Cry: Instincts and Vengeance

    Halo: Spartan Assault 

    And Call of Duty is no exception. Join me in a 4 part miniseries where I'll be reviewing the lesser known or talked about Call of Dutys.

    Please note by Obscure I mean not many know or give a shit about the game. Let's begin with...Black Ops: Declassified.

    I might get shot for saying this as the one of the biggest complaints about Declassified is how the story doesn't matter and well I'd…

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  • Pigpen077

    Best & Worst: Shotguns

    March 17, 2015 by Pigpen077

    Sorry about the long wait.

    Remember guys this is MY OPINION! If you'd like to discuss opinions please leave civil comments below. Thanks and enjoy the blog.

    I never used the CoD4 shotguns so I can't say anything about them. Sorry.

    The Double Barrel shotgun is a very mixed weapon to me. I still find it better then the trench gun BUT the Double Barrel is only better because it is always a one shot kill. If you're in a close quarter situation  with this monster you'll get the kill...unless you miss two shots then you gotta reload.

    The Trench gun is fucking Zombies. However in multiplayer I'd always get hitmarkers with this gun.

    Ah who can deny the SPAS-12 is the best shotgun in MW2 and might be the best shotgun in CoD history. This se…

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  • Pigpen077

    Best & Worst: Specials

    February 6, 2015 by Pigpen077

    Ah Specials aren't these just...special.

    Oh god that was awful, please forgive me.

    The Riot Shield is the only special in MW2 so it's the best and worst even though I HATE this weapon. The Riot Shield in any Call of Duty is just so dumb. I get why it's in the game and what it's supposed to be used for but I don't care this weapon is just annoying as hell and ticked me off when playing against people with these things.

    Going to be honest and say I was not a fan of BO1 Specials but the Crossbow was awesome...just not that awesome in this game. The Crossbow in Black Ops isn't really amazing but I'd say it's a good gu...weapon. Although it kinda sucks that the crossbow didn't fire normal arrows in multiplayer and have explosive arrows as an attac…

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  • Pigpen077

    Sniper Rifles can either be amazing or beyond awful, really on rare occasions is there an "okay" sniper rifle.

    The classic M40A3 is just a monster! The gun is the ONLY sniper rifle in the game that if you attach an ACOG scope on it, you'll increase the damage making it a one shot kill to anyone that's not using juggernaught....which now that I think about it. Everyone and their mother used that perk so the ACOG scope damage boost isn't that great. However I have to point out the gun doesn't have the ability to hold your breath. However it still barely beats the Barret .50cal.

    Were you surprised? The Dragunov in literally every Call of Duty it's in just sucks so much. The gun looks ugly and the recoil hurts this gun in almost every way. Stay …

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