I love Call of Duty, do not get me wrong but there is certain things in the franchise's multiplayer aspect that really just....well suck. Here I'll list the 8 things I think are the worst of the worst of Call of Duty's multiplayer. I will also be including pointless items. Now this will be about the features in the game so things like. 

  • Killstreaks
  • Weapon Classes
  • Bonus Features
  • Perks
  • Map features
  • Attachments

p.s I'll only be including 2 things from CoD Ghosts as let's face it, this entire list would just be a rant on Ghosts if I did that. This list btw is in NO ORDER

Night Vision

Engaging second enemy troop in house Blackout CoD4

I understand what Infinity Ward was thinking. An awesome way to go through dark areas of maps...but there is literally barely any areas that are that dark, that'd we'd NEED night vision to see. Honestly the Night Vision in CoD4's multiplayer should have been scrapped or if maybe there were 1 or 2 maps that actually supported the Night Vision feature.

Helo Scouts and Heli Gunners

Lynx Helo Scout CoDG

Yes, I'm not going to mock the SAT COMS . Why? Because everyone does that, it's time to complain about a killstreak that had potential but failed. The Helo Scout is surprisingly a high up killstreak and in all honesty shouldn't be. You can get easily shot out of the chopper and not to mention in the amount of time you're in the air you'll get maybe 1 or 2 kills. I don't know if it's just me but every time I used this I literally NEVER got a kill with this. I'm including the Heli Gunner field order from the map "Behemoth" because like the Helo Scout you can get shot out of it and not to mention it's difficult to get really more than 4 kills with it on the map it's exclusive to.

Launchers in Ghosts

Panzerfaust being fired CoDG

I love the Launchers, why? It's pretty awesome to blow up your opponents. In Call of Duty Ghosts however the launchers were beyond awful. The Panzerfaust while decent for taking out enemies, takes forever to take out, aim, and fire. The Kastet is really the China Lake....only worse. The worst though is the MK32, what a failure this was. The MK32 fired 2 semtex grenades and took FOREVER to reload. Worst part about it is that in the Campaign the MK32 acts and looks like The War Machine from Black Ops 2, but doesn't in Multiplayer.

One Man Army

OMA changing class MW2

I think the One Man Army was....a good idea but like the Helo Scout failed. The One Man Army literally made MW2's multiplayer a living hell for people who just wanted to play the damn game. I can not tell you how many times I've come face to face with a One Man Army Noob Tuber (Grenade Launcher) and I think everyone that's played MW2 in it's glory days to it's end knows what I'm talking about.

Lookout's Miniguns

Bare ELITE Calendar Lookout MW3

I loved Face Off mode, I really did. Now because this list is about pointless and terrible stuff from multiplayer I have to include the map Lookout's two miniguns that serve zero purpose. Literally they are pointed outside the map and can't get you any kills...scratch that you can get kills with it but you'd have to be an idiot to go to the one area it can hit you.


Pool Hotel BO

The idea of an Elevator in a FPS is a cool concept however nobody uses them. Take the map Hotel for example. Nobody really used the Elevators at all. If you did you'd be killed by C4 or a claymore. Now the elevator on the map Stormfront in Ghosts is also pretty pointless but I won't go into detail since I can only have 2 CoD Ghosts things.

Grenade Launchers (Pre MW3)

BO m203 reload

From Modern Warfare to Black Ops the Grenade Launcher was the posterboy of OP attachments. Everyone and their mothers hated people who used this thing to instant kill other players. Now in MW3 I believe they nerfed it so it's not as powerful as it was before which luckily has killed the grenade launcher spamming community in MW3, BO2, Ghosts and AW.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Talk to you later m8s.

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