Hello everyone I'm Pigpen077 and if you didn't know (which most likely you didn't) I love making blogs and I obviously love the Call of Duty franchise. So I thought what if a do a series blog on the Call of Duty Wikia about the best and worst weapons of a weapon class in a game. Well here we are now, these blogs will be released once a week and will continue for all the weapon classes. Let's begin the series with arguably the most popular weapon class the Assault Rifle. Now just to be clear we are talking about actual assault rifles NOT the rifles from World at War also we will not be taking weapons from CoD1 - CoD3 as they had no create a class system.

And remember this is MY PERSONAL OPINION.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


M16A4 menu icon CoD4

The M16A4 is the only burst fire assault rifle in CoD4 and is arguably the strongest AR in the game. From what I've seen from online gameplay and from my own personal experience the M16A4 kills up to one to two bursts which is insane! Put a grenade launcher on this bad boy and you'll probably go 20-0...but you'll probably get messages with various insults for using the grenade launcher so....I suggest don't do that. 


G3 menu icon MW2

I'll be honest here and say that I'm not the biggest semi auto fan. I mean on most weapons I enjoy semi auto but for some reason I'm not that big on the semi auto assault rifles (aside from the FALs). The G3 is not necessary a bad gun but I feel the other assault rifles destroy the G3. The M14, AK-47, M16A4, MP-44, and the M4A1 are all much better decisions.

World at War


STG44 menu icon WaW

The STG-44 is the only assault rifle in World at War and so it's the best and worst if that makes any sense. 

Modern Warfare 2


ACR menu icon MW2

The ACR from Modern Warfare 2 is not only my favorite Assault Rifle from Modern Warfare 2 but it's a fan favorite weapon that for some reason hasn't appeared in many Call of Dutys. Anyways if you go onto a multiplayer match in MW2 you are almost 100% guaranteed to run into someone using the ACR, and the reason for that is the gun has a standard 30 round clip but the ACR has literally almost no recoil. 


F2000 menu icon MW2

I think it's no surprise that the F2000 is my least favorite Assault Rifle from MW2. Why is that? It has the worst combo of all time. High recoil and high fire rate. The one cool thing about the F2000 from MW2 was that it had a unique sight to it, the Telescopic Sight.

Black Ops


Commando menu icon BO

Ah the Commando, one of the five assault rifles everyone used if they were using ARs (the others being the AK-47, FAMAS, Galil, and the AUG). The commando was my favorite AR from Black Ops because of the fact that the iron sights on this thing are amazing, the accuracy is great and the recoil is easy to handle. It also doesn't hurt when the weapon has a fast reload even without Sleight of Hand.


M14 menu icon BO

Poor M14. Like the G3 from CoD4 the M14 isn't really a bad gun, it's just that the other assault rifles dominate this M14 in almost every way. even the FN FAL (the other semi auto assault rifle) is better then the M14.

Modern Warfare 3


SCAR-L menu icon MW3

The SCAR-L is in my opinion the best assault rifle in MW3. Now this was almost a tie for me as the ACR 6.8 is a close second. The SCAR-L is a low level unlock with low damage. However it makes up for the low damage with the best iron sights in the game, and the recoil is controllable. 


M16A4 menu icon MW3

The M16A4 in CoD4 was amazing, however it's appearance in MW3 was just a joke and is in my opinion the only BAD assault rifle. Seriously stay away from this thing.

Black Ops 2


AN-94 menu icon BOII

The AN-94 for a while was the only weapon I used in Black Ops 2. The damage, iron sights, range, reload time, etc were just amazing and in all honesty the AN-94 in my opinion is the best assault rifle in call of duty history. 


SWAT-556 Menu Icon BOII

The SWAT-556 is in my opinion the only bad assault rifle in BO2. This gun is just terrible compared to the M8A1, AN-94, MTAR, M27, even the Type 25 beats it! It's no wonder this gun is hated by many fans.



Remington R5 menu icon CoDG

The Remington R5 is an amazing assault rifle and is in my opinion the best weapon in Call of Duty: Ghosts which isn't saying much as most of the weapons in that game were terrible. The Remington had little to no recoil with the grip attachment and the fact this thing had some serious damage makes it even better.


ARX-160 Menu Icon CoDG

The ARX-160 is a weapon that should be avoided. This thing's laser sight (at least for me) didn't effect the gun at all! The thing had literally the worst iron sights of the assault rifle class and it had terrible damage. Seriously this thing was trash!

Advanced Warfare


Bal-27 menu icon AW

The BAL-27 was an amazing assault rifle and possibly the best gun in the game...until it was patched with some serious recoil. Here's the thing though, just put a grip on it. It's as simple as that and this thing acts like it did before it was patched. 


MK14 menu icon AW

The MK14 is NOT a bad weapon. Like the G3 from CoD4 and the M14 from Black Ops the MK14 is terrible when compared to the other options like the IMR, HBRa3, AK-12, and the BAL-27.

Comment your favorite and least favorite weapons in the comments below

Please keep the comments civil and I'll see you next week.

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