5 Months later after the shotgun blog was made and finally we have the LMG blog. So here we go I guess.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


M249 menu icon CoD4

I don't really remember any of the LMGs from CoD4, probably because none of them were really anything special. I'm only putting the M249 SAW as the best because not only can you use it normally but there's mounted SAWs you can use on certain maps.


M60E4 menu icon CoD4

Really only putting the M60E4 because not only does barely anyone remember it but it has the longest reload time of all the LMGs in CoD4.

Call of Duty: World at War


MG42 menu icon WaW

The MG-42 from World at War is probably my second favorite LMG from any call of duty. The MG-42 looks badass, sounds cool and is probably the best weapon in WAW Zombies besides the PPSH and Ray Gun.


BAR menu icon WaW

The BAR isn't even really a bad LMG but out of all the LMGs in World at War the BAR has the slowest rate of fire and isn't really all that good.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


RPD menu icon MW2

The RPD is my third favorite LMG in CoD history, it has a decent reload, great iron sights and deals great damage. This was probably the gun I used the most in MW2 behind the ACR and the Vector.


AUG HBAR menu icon MW2

The AUG HBAR, like the BAR isn't really a bad gun, it's just nowhere near as good as the other LMGs in MW2. Well maybe the LSW is close to the AUG but other then that it's nowhere close to the other LMGs.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


HK21 Menu Icon BO

The HK21 doesn't have much recoil, sounds cool, has some seriously good damage, however the amount of ammo isn't really the best compared to other LMGs.


RPK menu icon BO

The RPK is first actually bad LMG on this list due to the gun have terrible recoil and terrible ammo count.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


MK46 menu icon MW3

The MK46 is an amazing gun and is personally one of my favorite guns in MW3. It has great damage, a great ammo count and is amazing in hardcore. However it has a really long reload time that does annoy me, but yet again most LMGs have long ass reload times.


MG36 menu icon MW3

I don't actually remember any of the LMGs from MW3 at all besides the MK46. So I can't really say which is the worst. So like CoD4 I'll just put the LMG that most likely nobody remembers, the MG36.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II



The LSAT from Black Ops 2 is my favorite LMG is CoD history and was one of the go to guns of the game. It had the best damage, the best ammo count and the best design of the LMGs in Black Ops 2.



Very controversial opinion here but I don't like the HAMR at all. It has good damage and a decent ammo count but for some reason I just don't like the gun. The design isn't very good and...I think I realized it, I hate this gun because of the recoil increase in Zombies.

Call of Duty: Ghosts


M27-IAR model CoDG

The M27 from Black Ops 2 returned to Ghosts as the M27-IAR and it's OP as fuck. I'm only putting it as the best because all the LMGs in Ghosts sucked and this one was only good if you put a silencer, grip and thermal sight on it.


LSAT model CoDG

Remember what I said about the LSAT from BO2? Yeah the LSAT from Ghosts is the complete fucking opposite. Fuck this piece of shit.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Pytaek menu icon AW

The Pytaek isn't really the best LMG but none of AWs LMGs are really good. I mean it has good damage and a good ammo count but the iron sights are fucking awful.


XMG menu icon AW

The XMGs are duel wielding miniguns. Now that sounds badass but even with all the patches that makes the hipfire tighter, mo matter what these things aren't very good at all and shouldn't be used.

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