I know many of you thought the next B&W was going to be sniper rifles or LMGs but nope going to throw a curveball and talk about a dying weapon class....The Machine Pistols arguably the best secondaries (besides the shotguns in MW2...that fucking Spas-12).

Anyways since Machine Pistols don't appear in all the CoDs since CoD4 we'll have to exclude CoD4 and WaW.

Also because some people got confused last time, this is MY OPINION. This is NOT a best or worst stat wise, this is my personal opinions.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


PP-2000 menu icon MW2

erinrinrdtlkn WHAT?? Yes I chose the PP2000 over the monster of a gun: The M93. So why did I chose the starting Machine Pistol over arguebly the most OP Machine Pistol of all time...because the M93 was a little too OP. There are some guns like the extended mags MP-40, UMP-45, BAL-27, etc that are considered by the community to be OP but I find while yes they are a little OP (okay the MP-40 was extremely) the M93 was one of the most OP things of all time and I got pissed when I was killed by people using the thing as a primary, while the PP2000 has a decent Pistol magazine, low recoil, and okay range make the gun a perfect secondary weapon.


G18 menu icon MW2

I am going to get SOOOOO much hate for this but here I go...I don't really like the G18 from MW2. I find this gun to be overratted and only good when using Akimbo and yet with akimbo it was only a good weapon up close and personal while the other Machine Pistols can actually hit somebody in medium range. It doesn't help when the G18 has the highest recoil in the game...well one of the highest recoil.

Call of Duty: Black Ops


CZ75 menu icon BO

The CZ75 with the Full-Auto Upgrade attachment was the only Machine Pistol in the game so it's the best and worst. It's actually pretty good and it's only weakness was it's low magazine.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


MP9 Menu Icon MW3

The MP9 is an SMG put into the Machine Pistol calss. Seriously this thing feels and acts like a SMG. I know there is the akimbo FMG9s and those are better stat wise but I loved the MP9. This gun saved my ass numerous times when I was trying to get M.O.A.Bs. The MP9 has low recoil, and had the magazine of a fucking SMG! 


G18 menu icon MW3

Damn the G18 again. I don't like this weapon much but I will say it is better than it was in MW2...barely. I still dislike the weapon for it's extreme recoil.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


KAP-40 Menu Icon BOII

WAIT! Here me out! The KAP-40 is my favorite Machine Pistol in BO2 because I find the gun to be extremely balanced compared to the B23R (which is amazing btw) and that's the only reason I like it more than the B23R. Both are great weapons and BO2 had the best Machine Pistols.


B23R Menu Icon BOII

The B23R is an amazing gun, just not as good as the KAP-40 in my eyes.

Call of Duty: Ghosts



The Gold PDW is a crap weapon. It's barely better then the standard PDW, it has shit damage, shit range and the gold camo just looks ugly as all hell. The only reason it's better then the PDW is because it's full auto and not burst fire (burst fire weapons are good but I prefer Full Auto).


PDW Menu Icon CoDG

AH GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME! The standard PDW is just bad...awful..horrible...disgusting...nasty....and ugly. Just stay the hell away from this thing!

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


PDW menu icon AW

Wow, how the PDW has changed. The PDW in Avanced Warfare is just amazingly balanced. The gun looks awesome, has a decent mag size for machine pistols, medium range and moderate recoil. Besides it's not...that thing.


MP443 Grach menu icon AW

If you thought the MP-443 Grach in ghosts was bad, wait till you see this! The Grach is a two round burst fire Machine Pistol and has a lower mag than the PDW. The thing looks awful, feels awful (if that makes any sense), has terrible damage and low range make this gun my least favorite Machine Pistol in AW.

Comment your favorite and least favorite weapons in the comments below

Please keep the comments civil and I'll see you next week

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