Sniper Rifles can either be amazing or beyond awful, really on rare occasions is there an "okay" sniper rifle.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


M40A3 menu icon CoD4

The classic M40A3 is just a monster! The gun is the ONLY sniper rifle in the game that if you attach an ACOG scope on it, you'll increase the damage making it a one shot kill to anyone that's not using juggernaught....which now that I think about it. Everyone and their mother used that perk so the ACOG scope damage boost isn't that great. However I have to point out the gun doesn't have the ability to hold your breath. However it still barely beats the Barret .50cal.


Dragunov menu icon CoD4

Were you surprised? The Dragunov in literally every Call of Duty it's in just sucks so much. The gun looks ugly and the recoil hurts this gun in almost every way. Stay away from this pile of crap in any Call of Duty game it's in.

Call of Duty: World at War


PTRS-41 menu icon WaW

While your team is using bolt action rifles to snipe your enemies while you're using an anti tank rifle to take out your enemies. The PTRS-41 is just amazing. It looks badass, it's damage is off the wall and it's the only sniper rifle in the game with a built in scope. Let's not forget that this thing is semi auto so if you miss your shot you can just fire again without loading the next bullet. However this gun suffers from one con...the recoil. This thing has insane recoil, but you won't really notice it if you hit your target.


Arisaka menu icon WaW

The Mosi...the the Spring...damn't no it's the Arisaka, one of the few Japenese weapons in World at War. Sorry about the confusion, it's just these menu icons look so damn similar. Anyways the Arisaka is actually worse then the Springfield (which both in my opinion are pretty bad) The springfield is better in only one way....the fire rate. Because of that factor the Arisaka is the worst sniper rifle in World at War.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Barrett .50 menu icon MW2

WHAT? Did Pigpen put the Barrett .50 Cal above the Intervention? Yes. I understand the Intervention is far more popular and it's arguably better with it's recoil and it's low unlock but I like this gun better. Why is that? Because I wasn't quickscoped with the damn thing. The Intervention for me was ruined by people who "quickscope" and believe that, that's the way to use a sniper rifle instead of finding a position and only move when spotted. Also the Barrett has more ammo then the Intervention so that helps.


WA2000 menu icon MW2

HAHAHHAAHAAAAHAHHAHA no no no no no no! The WA2000 is just so freakin bad! I mean the gun is ugly as hell, the damage is crap, the recoil is moderate and isn't helped at all if you use stopping power. This gun is just awful! NEVER use this pile of crap.

The Other Worst

Dragunov third person view MW2

The Dragunov from Modern Warfare 2's campaign is also the worst sniper rifle. Why? Because it's the damn Dragunouv and its appearance in the campaign is pointless. The WA2000 has all of it's stats! (The CoD4 Dragunov stats).

Call of Duty: Black Ops


Menu mp weapons l96a1

Is it just me or does most of Black Ops's guns crap? The L96A1 is a quickscoper's dream gun and for that reason I'd hate this gun...however Black Ops Sniper Rifles just really aren't that good (in my opinion). This gun has awesome damage and had an okay level unlock.


Dragunov Menu Icon Black Ops

Is this really a surprise? The Dragunov again is just awful and if you really want to know why just go back to Black Ops and play a game with this thing.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3



This gun was amazing. The MSR was just...amazing. This thing is extremely unknown because of the fact it's only appearance was in MW3. The MSR, yes was a quickscoper's gun but really the snipers in MW3 were all either quickscoping weapons or spam snipers so I had to ignore the fact this thing is a quickscoper's dream. What else can I say besides it's damage is great and the gun looks great. Go back to MW3 and give this thing a spin.


Dragunov Create-a-Class MW3

  • sigh* again if you really want to know why the Dragunov is so bad, play with it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II


DSR 50 menu icon BOII

The DSR 50 from Black Ops II is my all time favorite Sniper Rifle. Even after the patch/nerf the gun still kicks ass with it's amazing damage, great looks and it's low unlock. Oh and yes I think this gun is better then the Ballista. I know "MONSTER! KILL HIM!" but it's true I find this gun to be better then the Ballista in many ways.



Yes I find this gun to be being a spam machine. The SVU is a great weapon if you're looking to spam the shit out of somebody. Now I HATE spam rifles so while I'll admit it's a good weapon I will put this thing as the worst Sniper in BO2 due to it's spamming fanbase. (no offense, I just hate Sniper Spammers).

Call of Duty: Ghosts


USR Menu Icon CoDG

I....I don't like any of the snipers in Ghosts. Yes while we can all agree Ghosts sucked many will tell me that at least the snipers are good. I don't really believe that to be honest. The Gun may be "good" but I just found using these things I'd most of the time be stabbed in the back or killed with a M27-IAR. I'm really only putting the USR as the best sniper in Ghosts because well it's the only sniper that I could use without being murdered left and right.


VKS Menu Icon CoDG

The VKS was a great idea. It has an integrated Supresser but like the SVU, this thing is a spamming machine.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


MORS menu icon AW

The MORS is just amazing. I thought originally this thing was going to be the worst Sniper of all time but no in reality it's just amazing. It's high damage, awesome looks, low recoil and low unlock means this is just makes this thing worth having a playlist after it....oh wait.


NA-45 menu icon AW

If you can use this thing and do good, you're a Call of Duty God. The NA-45 is a pile of garbage and I argue is one of the three worst guns in Advanced Warfare. I mean come on a grenade launcher Sniper Rifle? Please.

Comment your favorite and least favorite weapons in the comments below

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